Peter King: Obama Should ‘stop Apologizing’ For Nsa

Monday. Expect immigration and Obamacare to be major topics. Obama “will speak with Fusion White House Correspondent and ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila,” says Fusion. “The interview will take place Monday afternoon at the White House and air first on ‘AMERICA.'” Meanwhile, Ramos has an interview with another influential lawmaker: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex. More from Fusion : “Fusion is a news, pop culture and satire TV and digital network.

The Michigan lawmaker also said that recent friction with Saudi Arabia has been developing over the last two years. He cited what he said was a U.S. decision two years ago to stay away from the Syrian conflict and the recent quick rush to the sweet talk from Iran on that countrys nuclear program. Faith Rattled Those are critical issues to the Saudis, to the Qataris, to the Jordanians, to others in the Arab League that I think rattled their faith in the administrations ability to protect them in a very dangerous world, Rogers said. Saudi Arabia refused to accept the membership of the United Nations Security Council it won earlier this month, citing issues including Syrias civil war that it said show the world body is incapable of resolving conflicts. The councils style, working mechanisms and double standards prevent it from ending the turmoil in Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement on the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

Obama much-vaunted Asia ‘pivot’ runs out of steam

The Der Spiegel story shows just how comprehensive the NSA spying was: Beginning in 2002, Merkel’s calls were either recorded or monitored by NSA officials. Germany has responded by sending its top intelligence officials to Washington to sort through this mess, while President Obama continues to claim he had no idea that the spying was happening. Or maybe he did. According the the German tabloid Bild (think New York Post levels of credibility) Obama was briefed on the monitoring of Merkel in 2010 by NSA chief Keith Alexander. “Obama did not halt the operation but rather let it continue,” an anonymous source within the NSA told Bild.

Obama, Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif meet at White House

The account could mean difficulties for the White House, given another report claiming Obama told Merkel during a telephone conversation last Wednesday he was not aware of the NSAs spying. The Economic Times cited Frankfuter Allgemeine Zeitung in writing that when Merkel called Obama last week to alternately complain — and get an explanation — about the NSA surveillance, the president assured her he wasnt aware of the campaign regarding her, and would have halted it, had he known. According to The New York Times, Susan E. Rice, the presidents national security adviser, insisted that Obama did not know about the monitoring of Merkels phone, during a call last week with Christoph Heusgen, Rices German counterpart. The unnamed NSA official’s allegations delve deeper into a Saturday report, published by the German magazine Der Spiegel, claiming the U.S. spy agency has monitored Merkels phone since 2002, or even before she rose to her countrys chief executive position and was only an opposition leader.

Obama to talk Obamacare on Wednesday in Boston

WASHINGTON President Obama and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif sought to strengthen their countries’ fragile relationship with a two-hour Oval Office meeting Wednesday that touched on sensitive subjects, including U.S. drone strikes, Afghanistan’s future and the security of Islamabad’s growing nuclear arsenal. In their first face-to-face meeting, the leaders said they emphasized mutual efforts to stabilize Pakistan’s economy and deal with terrorism and other security threats. Though Sharif’s government is expected to be less pro-American than its predecessor, it badly needs American help in strengthening its economy and bolstering its infrastructure, including its weak energy sector. Pakistan is also worried that an abrupt U.S.

“I think the president should stop apologizing, stop being defensive,” King said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “The reality is the NSA has saved thousands of lives — not just in the United States, but also in France and Germany and throughout Europe.”The surveillance programs are again in the news following reports that the NSA monitored German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone and millions of phone calls in France. King, the former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, suggested France and Germany shouldn’t act so indignant about NSA surveillance in their countries. “And the French are someone to talk. The fact is, they’ve carried out spying operations against the United States — both the government and industry,” King said. “As far as Germany, that’s where the Hamburg Plot began, which led to 9/11.

Likewise, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a proposed mega-regional free-trade deal from which China has so far been excluded has fuelled concern in China regarding US intentions. But China has been far from blameless: Witness its heavy-handed approach to its Asian neighbours in pressing its territorial claims in the East and South China seas. And, while growing signs of impatience with North Korea have been welcomed as a harbinger of an eventual policy shift, fresh thinking in China has not been sufficient to forestall US efforts to step up military cooperation with South Korea and Japan. But perhaps China does not need to do anything to change US policy again. Since Obamas re-election, there appears to have been a pivot away from the pivot, towards something that can be described only as retro.

So it is free to them. So how will it be paid for, well lets see one way is with Medicare funds. He is planning to RAISE the payroll tax on Medicare to 3.9%. Less for seniors more for the unemployed and poor. Even though there are many poor seniors receiving both Medicare and Medicaid. Those who buy Medicare advantage to cover what Medicare doesn’t, will pay more for the insurance premiums and co-pays.


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