Student Loans: A Financial Bubble In The Making?

Other details further define what the debt load looks like. Nearly 60% of student loan borrowers carry balances of $10,000 or more. About a third of the borrowers owe at least $25,000. Traitz equated the lending of large amounts of money to students — without careful attention to whether they’ll be able to repay it — to similarly reckless homebuyer lending in 2008. “Colleges are not subjected to free-market pricing conditions, as they have been granted a pass to set unreasonable prices, and then introduce annual increases over and above the cost of living,” Traitz says. “Their pricing actions are completely independent of free-market pricing pressures.” In a recent interview, Matt Taibbi, political reporter for Rolling Stone, echoed those thoughts.

More Students Subsidize Classmates’ Tuition

9, 2014 10:32 p.m. ET Well-off students at private schools have long subsidized poorer classmates. But as states grapple with the rising cost of higher education, middle-income students at public colleges in a dozen states now pay a growing share of their tuition to aid those lower on the economic ladder. The student subsidies, which are distributed based on need, don’t show up on most tuition bills. But in eight years they have climbed 174% in real…

Analyst: More reforms needed of federal education loans to parents

More news about education T. Rees Shapiro Superintendent Karen Garza called for $96 million in cuts but also more funds from a reluctant board. Emma Brown New York-based Democracy Prep has agreed to take over Imagine Southeast, a large school in Ward 8. On Wednesday, the New America Foundation a think tank with backing from the Lumina, Ford and Gates foundations, among others said the government was right in trying to prevent parents from borrowing loans they might not be able to afford. If anything, New America analyst Rachel Fishman argued, the Education Departments reforms were too modest. What the department did in October 2011 was expand slightly the list of red-flag criteria in a credit check that would result in denial of a parent loan application. To the previous list, which included bankruptcies and foreclosures, it added certain types of unpaid bills that had been written off or referred to collection agencies. That led to an increase in the loan-denial rate.

Student student loans Obama Loan Crisis: Does Over $1 Trillion in Debt Prove that College is Now a Scam?

Applicable Criteria and Related Research: –‘Global Structured Finance Rating Criteria’ dated May 24, 2013; –‘Rating U.S. Federal Family Education Loan Program Student Loan ABS Criteria’ dated May 17, 2013. –‘South Carolina Student Loan Corporation, 2013-1 Series (US ABS)’, dated Feb. 08, 2013. A comparison of the transaction’s RW&Es to those of typical RW&Es for student loans is available by accessing the reports and links below: ‘South Carolina Student Loan Corporation, 2013-1 Series — Appendix’, dated Feb. 08, 2013.

Fitch Maintains Negative Rating Watch on South Carolina Student Loan Corp 2013-1

The fellowship encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among young people. But the competition to get accepted into the Theil Fellowship is cut-throat due to the fact that the program awards $100,000 to those accepted. In order to qualify, the student has to cease being a student essentially. Is it a good idea to give highly motivated young adults directly out of high school $100,000 in exchange for skipping out on the college experience? The once-in-a-lifetime program even has led to current college students to drop out. Once accepted the fellows are responsible for creating a startup business venture.


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