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Asia Stocks live blog: Pricing in U.S. and Chinese numbers – The Tell – MarketWatch

In the U.S., the S&P 500 rose further into record territory, gaining 0.4 percent to 1,947.88. The Dow edged up 0.4 percent to 16,900.81. Earlier, most Asian benchmarks ended lower. Japan’s Nikkei 225 closed nearly flat at 15,077.24 while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng slipped 0.7 percent to 22,951.04.

What to watch: Where do stocks go from here?

However, as stock values have virtually tripled in value from the 2009 lows, more recently I have consistently stated the game has gotten a lot tougher with the low-hanging fruit having already been picked (earnings have recovered from the recession and P/E multiples have expanded). In other words, the trajectory of the last five years is unsustainable. Fortunately for us, we’re not hostage to the upward or downward direction of a narrow universe of large cap U.S. domestic stock market indices. We can scour the globe across geographies and capital structure.

Best- And Worst-Performing Cloud Computing Stocks June 2nd To June 6th And Year-To-Date – Forbes

10K invested june 6

is down 0.4%). Sony is up 1.5%, and Nintendo is up 1.4%. In a report out Sunday, The Wall Street Journal details how Sony is beating its U.S. videogame rival Microsoft, with the formers PlayStation 4 selling 7 million units since its latest console release, compared with sales of 5 million consoles for the latters Xbox One. Meanwhile, part of the story behind this mornings gains appears to be the (mostly) upbeat economic numbers out of both Japan and the U.S.

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While I didnt attend the event, I watched the keynote online. There have been many blog posts and articles written about the event. Two of the best ones include Dennis Howletts excellent post on Diginomica , SAPPHIRE Now 2014 SAPs positioning challenge as it simplifies everything and Pierre Mitchells entertaining, insightful analysis, Thoughts on Bill McDermotts SAP Keynote at Sapphire Now 2014 eBay, Ariba, Fieldglass, and More . SAPs simplicity hype makes me think of a favorite Ben Franklin quote, Well done is better than well said. Its time for visit here SAP to deliver on the promise of simplicity or risk losing more of their customers to faster-moving, proven cloud-based competitors including NetSuite, Plex Systems, Workday and others.

In short, gains usually follow, but the size of the returns tend to be a tad below the historical stock market averages, an analysis by Bespoke found. Since 1945, there have been 12 times when U.S. non-farm payrolls went a year or longer without hitting a new high. In the six months before the job market making a new record, the S&P 500 stock index has posted average gains of 5.6%, Bespoke data show.


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